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The Female Obsession Switch
  • Make the girl you want chase you - with 3 simple steps
  • Avoid the aching pain of rejection with this free pdf and 20 minute training video
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"Ning, loved the female obsessions switch man! You laid out the framework.. when I had nights and interactions that went well, it's because I followed your framework without knowing it! It's so simple yet crazy effective..and the body language stuff was pure gold. Judging from what I see around me, 99% of guys are clueless to this stuff... Cheers"

- Darryl E. from CA

"Hey Ning, you are amazing! 
I really appreciate "The female obsession". I really appreciate your videos. I really appreciate you emails! THANK YOU!
Your stile is simply UNIQUE. For instance, i've never read about "operant conditioning" nor "Body language" in that scientific way."

- Alberto A. 

"Yo what is up guys, just got myself a girlfriend, and I hardly had to put in any effort to do it! The hard part was getting out of my comfort zone and growing up to become a better me. Ning Li's teachings has taken me far. However, I still got ways to go and I won't stop. I am so lucky to have found him and grateful for all the effort he has put in. 
Thanks mate"

- Tommy T. from Australia

"I just wanted to say thank you. The past few days have been really good for me socially, at least in school. Still don't think I'm in a position where I can invite a bunch of people over for ping pong and hot tubbing yet. But I'm getting there. I can't wait to watch your new video. I've found the real value of not being needy. People don't like feeling trapped. I think I get people a little more now thanks to you!

- Nate W. 

"Hiya, Ning! First off, and you probably get this a lot, let me just say that your content is nothing short of amazing. Very great insight about many subjects; plus, the humor is infectious and definitely hooks me. 

Since you're such a know-it-all guru, can you possibly give me advice on a dilemma I currently have? I REALLY like this girl, and I'm 97% sure she feels the same way; she immediately gave me her number before I even asked for it, and today was supposed to be our first "date" to study together, but instead, she "canceled" on those plans. Let me elaborate. On campus, there's an area for tutoring. We were going to study there. However, she "suddenly realized" she had an even tougher exam to study for, leaving me in the dust. Note that she even texted me days prior to confirm that today was "our day." 

She is definitely playing me, right? As in the hard-to-get card. As you put it, she wants to feel high-status so that I put in the work in order to make her feel important, that she means a lot to me, correct? Regardless, I stayed to chat with friends and studied on my own. Hours passed, and she came to me and suddenly asked how old I was. I just turned 22, but here's a kicker: she's 23. Now I certainly don't mind, but do you think she might have a minor issue? She did end up talking to me some more later on to dig up more information, but what are your thoughts on the age thing? 

Finally, I waited for her to leave, but she walked alongside a guy friend who I know already has a girlfriend; before that, she was also ignoring me while exuberantly talking to my other guy friend, so my question is "Is she trying to make me jealous or rattle my cage, so to speak? 

Thank you again for the awesome videos, and continue being a god."

- Rich

"Ning Li you're the best. I just finished reading "The Game" but did not really benefit from it. And only one of your email contains lots and lots of rich information. You're one of my greatest discovery on the internet man I can't thank you enough"

- Bob P.

"Hello master Ning, I'm a fan of yours. I have been watching your videos and reading your emails for quite some time. I really like them because for every single advice you give the psychological reason behind it. It's immensely interesting to me and I find them really important.
The point is I don't know where to begin to start applying them.

My situation is this: I'm 24 year and I never had girlfriend or any interaction whatsoever with a girl. Since I'm not naturally keen to dating women I decided to start forcing me to do that, overcoming my fears ecc.

But how and where do I meet women? This must be the very start for every challenge. I go to university and I have friends there, but there are no women who interest me in my relatively little social circle.

Should I go in pubs alone and just start taking to them out of the blue? isn't that strange?

I know it may sound like a retarded question, but while I get some of psychological workings of the woman's mind, I don't really get how to approach them, how to start from scratch. Can you give me some quick helpful advices?

Thank you for all your advices, Ning. I think you are a great guy.


L. F."

- Lorenzo F. 
The Female Obsession Switch
  • Make the girl you want chase you - with 3 simple steps
  • Avoid the aching pain of rejection with this free pdf and 20 minute training video
  • And So Much More...
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